Lulyboo Baby LoungeR- Why You Need It Now

The Lulyboo Baby Lounger is a great choice for moms who stay home and moms on the go. Take the lounger into the living room to take up less space than a playpen, then you can take your infant into the bathroom while you shower. Use the lounger as a changing station anywhere. Or, use the lounger as a bassinet so baby can sleep even at a function. Finally, the lounger folds up into a backpack for easy portability. 

With  your infant sleeping so much of the day, you will need a versatile place to lay baby down. Babies will love the comfort and the activity bar while mom will love the portability and ease of use.

With a bassinet that travels on your back, you can take a bed for your baby anywhere you go. While sturdy, the bassinet is soft and squishy which is what allows the bassinet to turn into a backpack. Cleverly placed clips fold the bassinet into a compact shape. Next, the bassinet has soft shoulder straps to carry the bassinet on your back.  As the only bassinet that easily folds into a backpack. The Bubble Bassinet provides the perfect multi-purpose  space for your little one to sleep, change, or play on the go.  Featuring colorful built-in plush toys and a playful pattern,  the Bubble Bassinet surrounds your baby with comfort and  safety while bringing you style and convenience.

With a bassinet that travels on your back, you can take a bed for your baby anywhere you go. Lastly, the backpack mode makes for easy storage as well as easy travel. Tuck the bassinet in the folded mode away in a closet when your baby outgrows it and save it for your next baby. There is really no reason not to invest in a Lulyboo for your baby (and yourself!)

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